Lol I was so excited when i heard about this! I was talking to my friend who saw it and she said "it was a good movie but I wish she had straight hair instead, I mean her hair was so poofy and ugly"
I could not believe she said that and I was offended on behalf of all curlies out there lol
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What did you say to her? 😥
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I just told her that I thought Merida's hair was reaaaally pretty and lots of curlies would love for their hair to look like hers.
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I actually have a friend who is dating a girl with IDENTICAL hair to Merida's and she told him that she was excited to see a curly ginger with spunk and character and it is great for the little curly gingers across America to see their features in such a positive light.

I haven't seen it yet, but I want to!
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