I had an interesting encounter recently. A guy at a straightener kiosk stopped me asking what I did to my hair and I told him I just shower. He asked to show me his product to which I said "sorry, I don't use heat on my hair." I expected protesting and instead his response was "Finally a real girl. Don't change your hair, it's beautiful. I'm just paid to stop all the girls with curly hair."

The fact someone pays another person to pick out a target group to change like that--shame. The fact the person actually does it in the way he does--shame. The fact that he tells girls who refuse that they have pretty hair and doesn't press the issue--not shame. (:
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Kelso: Hey, guys? I'm thinking about getting a perm. Hyde, can I get the number of your guy?
Hyde: I don't have a guy. This righteous moss is a gift from God.
-That 70s Show