All I'm using now:

Face and body:
25% vinegar solution (for acne)
Olive oil (for dry skin)
Kiss my face olive oil soap (used sparingly)
Rose absolute (perfume)
Home made foundation (cocoa powder and titanium dioxide)
Tinted lip balm (alba or badger)
Cheap Waterproof black mascara
Cheap eyeshadow
Various sunscreens
Lemon eucalyptus mosquito repellant

Coconut oil
Home made gelatin pt (made as needed)
Everyday shea bubble bath
Everyday shea conditioner
Aloe vera gel
Olive oil
1% vinegar solution
Flat diapers
Satin pillowcase

2c (3a potential?), M, ii, porous, good elasticity, APL, dark brown with a silver lining.
Love coconut oil, olive oil, and Everyday Shea!
HGs are simple, natural, and destroy frizzzz!!