After a lifetime I spending god-awful amounts of time, effort, and money trying to find the perfect styling products for my hair...I have found that ALL I need is Suave Naturals tropical coconut conditioner!!! As rinse out and leave in!!! I do need to use a more moisturizing rinse out a few times a week, but still!
I am thrilled!!! At least now I know!!!!

3a, s curly, fine hair that hates sulfates, silicones, and Proteins (except for keratin occasionally)!

I have finally found extremely affordable and attractive contentment using:
Daily- suave naturals coconut conditioner as was out and leave-in...this is seriously ALL I use!!!!
Occasionally (1-2 times/week)-
Shampoo- l'oreal eversleek reparative smoothing shampoo
Conditioners- GVP conditioning balm and Millcreek Botanicals jojoba conditioner
Aussie catch the wave mousse
Hair that freely borrows from 3a/ 3b texture schools. These are the things I use to care for it:
  • Apple Cider Vinegar rinses weekly
  • shampoos occasionally that do not contain sulfates
  • conditioners without silicones or proteins (or so I think- Keratin seems to do ok)
  • Flour sack towel
And I dont even know what else right now...thinking I may need to drop gels altogether...

Currently have Shea Moisture and DevaCurl products that I may just need to give up on and cut as a loss...