If you CO wash, can you use oils for your hair? Can you CO wash oils out of your hair or will it leave buildup? Are all oils water-soluble? Or is it only some? Which ones? How about: Olive oil? Castor oil? Jojoba oil? Coconut oil? Sesame oil? Others? What other oils are out there for hair?
Would you need to shampoo it out?
or BS/ACV wash it out?
or will CO work?
How about vinegar rinses?
Conditioner w/ baking soda or brown sugar?
Lemon rinses?
Or how about using other oils? Like OCM except with hair... Like dissolves like.. Oil dissolves oil and all that stuff..
Also, because some oils are thicker or lighter than others, can someone put them in order from lightest to thickest?
Just wondering..

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