Ok, so I had my consulation with Yodit on Saturday. She told me that if she does do my hair, she will give it shape by trimming it and then she will give me a nice curly style. After the consultation, she said that she could squeeze me in for a Sunday appointment. I came in on Sunday and she had the shampoo girl shampoo and condition my hair. That wasn't too bad but the girl brush/detangled my hair while it had a little condtioner in it and it hurt sooo much. Yodit then recommended and deep treatment. So she put the deep treatment in my hair and set me under the steam dryer. She rinsed it out and then combed my hair out with a detangling brush while drying my hair with a blowdryer and it hurt like HELL!!! She was so ruff. Then, she told me that my hair needed to be cut because I had dry ends. I only wanted a trim but I didn't mind the cut--eventhough i almost cried when I saw the hair fall to the floor. She took about 3 inches off. Next was the style, she had to rewet it to do the curly style. After this was done, she put in Paul Mitchell's Pomade. She saturated my hair with this stuff then she sat me under the dryer for 10-15 mins. She fluffed my hair and that was all. My hair looked like sh*t when she was done. My mother was pissed because she paid $75 for this when she could have done a better job. My head looked like a rushed twist out. I didn't even wear my hair out today. It is in a ponytail, exactly what I didn't want to do....Overall, she did a good job cutting it, but she CANNOT style hair at all. I WILL NOT be getting my hair done by her again.
Hair Type: 4a with 3c sections...frizzy,wavy,bushy,curly