I was having my hair (temporarily) straightened back when I was a teenager by our family hair beautician, just a temporary straighten and she said to me after she was done straightening my hair, "Straighten your hair more often, like once a week in order to train your hair to be straight so it won't take so much time to get it pin straight." Needless to say, I never said I wanted straight hair, I was perfectly content with my locks, just wanted a change for a few days and then to go back to its natural curly state.

Also, when I was younger, I went to get my hair trimmed and figured I didn't need any kind of hair specialist to do it. Before I got my hair trimmed, she said "I haven't worked with curly hair/ethnic hair much before." I was horrified, but let her go through wit it anyway, mostly because I was young and naive and too afraid to speak up. It actually turned out good, but those WORDS terrified me.
3C, fine/med texture, normal porosity, high elasticity, very defined spiral

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