Still no rain. Nothing. I am not kidding when I say our lawn crunches. B is so sad about our cookout in August and the condition of the lawn.

And what is going on with our well. I wish there was a gauge. What a great idea for houses with wells
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I'll do a rain dance for you, X I hope you get some soon. The crunchy lawn is scary enough but it does make you nervous when your well starts getting low.

A gauge would be a fantastic idea, and one that reads to the earths core. Lol. My well is at 895 feet. I'm always curious when the water flow diminishes.

Take cover Rou!! Maybe it will turn from a thunder boomer to a nice steady rain that actually penetrates the ground.

Worn out iPhone. Need I say more?
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I do not know if is low or not.... We have been here 6 years with no issues. But that is thing-you just do know.....
Central Massachusetts

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