Personally, my goal is to get rid of my frizz, by the most natural means possible. I don't really care about curls, as long as my frizz is gone! If I get ringlets, that would be a nice bonus, but if my hair insists on waves I'll be fine with that. I'm just sick of frizz. :P
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Earthnut, I've been experimenting with a technique that you might like then. I do it when my primary goal is frizz elimination, as opposed to adding volume. I take a curl cream (currently I'm using CJ CCCCL) and, instead of scrunching it up into my hair, I comb it through using one of those wide tooth shower combs. I then scrunch the bottom upwards a little bit just to encourage some wave at the bottom--but not too much--and I don't flip my head over and scrunch. Then I either let it air dry or I blow dry with the bowl of the diffuser pointed downward towards my head rather than gathering my hair up into the bowl. Doing this makes my hair smooth and straight from my crown down to about my ears, but leaves the wave in the bottom half of my hair. I've tried this technique with mousse and gel also, and those work ok too but I seem to get the best results from the cream.
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Thank you so much for this suggestion! I'm going to try this tomorrow. I have such a hard time with the "top part" of my hair holding a wave/curl through-out the day. My hair will only curl/wave nicely from my ears down, and I'm at a loss as to what to do with the top. I couple of times I have combed the top and let it dry that way (straightish on top, wavy on the bottom) and I like the way it looks.

Subscribing to this thread because I really need to learn to accept my hair for what it is: wavy,not curly.
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