Well, the whole "tangled" issue is interesting too. Type 4 hair is prone to tangling...naturally. Why is that...bad? I don't comb my hair, unless it's to prep for a wash...so yeah, it's "uncombed" too. And....?

So, when folks say, "When I think nappy..I think tangled...", I think, "Yeah...and?" My hair is twisted now, but if I were wearing a twistout it would be tangled on some level, depending how long it had been worn out.

I wonder sometimes....
Originally Posted by Ninjarette
All hair tangles naturally if it's just left alone. I don't see the fact that hair tangles naturally as a bad thing personally. It's just what hair does..

What I think is jacked up is when the hair is untaken care of...and I know the difference between type 4 hair that is maintained regularly and type 4 hair that isn't. NEA, with all due respect.. you take care of your hair and that's evident from your posting on NC. So this really doesn't apply to you.

To me, there is a BIG AZZ difference between hair that isn't combed all the time but maintained in other ways and hair that just is a hot mess because someone was too triflin to do anything to maintain themselves and it's a hot tangled up mess.

So for me whoever has a problem with that.. hey they just gonna have to have a problem with it. I reserve the right to call whatever I deem nappy..just that: nappy. I'm not suggesting you have a problem.. I'm just putting it out there.. LOL!
Originally Posted by *Marah*
I said type 4 hair is prone to tangling. Yes, all hair tangles, but my hair type will tangle quicker without having to be left alone as long as straighter hair types. There's nothing wrong with that. I said that.

My statements weren't directed to any particular person. My issue is that I think many black folks struggle with the natural properties of kinky hair...the frizz, the fuzz, the puffy roots, knotting....and all the rest. It's a constant point of contention. When you ask many us why the word is so distasteful, it seems that it's often because the word reminds us that we don't have "silky", "smooth", "flowy" hair that "behaves" well in hot, humid weather. We're embarrassed. Not everbody who hates the word feels that way. But I'm convinced many do.

Just because you have an understanding of how type 4 hair looks/behaves, and your're comfortable with that doesn't mean everybody has the same understanding/level of comfort.
Of course folks take issue with jacked up hair, and it's easy just to say that.

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