Congratulations on your 6 month transitioning! As far as the detangling issue, you want to do this when your hair is saturated with conditioner to prevent ripping hair out or breaking the hair. Because the point between the relaxed ends and the natural hair is so sensitive you must be gentle when detangling. I, too used to be afraid to detangle entirely through the roots because I thought that I would cause damage to my hair but in order to get the best style results and to ensure that you are removing all of the shed hair as well, you will have to detangle your hair entirely. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • You may want to first detangle your hair before washing. You can do this by spritzing the hair with water and adding a little conditioner to your hair (I mix water and a lil conditioner in a spray bottle) and carefully and SLOWLY go through the hair with a wide toothed comb from ends to roots. Ideally you will want to use your fingers to detangle to decrease possible damage but I have just started using this method myself and would not recommend if you do not have patience and become frustrated easily because it will take a significant amount of time to do this with your fingers.
  • After washing. When you apply your conditioner, make sure that you thoroughly saturate the hair before you detangle again. You can use a wide tooth comb or your fingers for this as well. Since you detangled your hair before washing, it should be a bit easier at this step especially if your conditioner has lots of slip.
  • After detangling twice both before and during washing, your hair should have most if not all of the tangles out. So in moving on to styling your hair, you can go through each section of the hair with a wide tooth comb one last time just to make sure that all the tanlges and shed hair are out. I usually do not comb "naked hair" which means that after I wash if I want to run a comb (or now my fingers) through my hair to make sure I havent missed any knots, I will apply my leave-in conditioner or a moisturizing styler to my hair and rake that through while checking for tangles.
Hope this helps! Transitioning is a process and believe me I have huffed and puffed in front of the mirror, cried, and cursed while trying to detangle, wash, and just figure out this whole transitioning process but it does get better with time. You just have to keep working at it little by little
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