Straightening the hair too often can cause heat damage which can cause straight pieces throughout the hair or change the curl pattern of the curls that are already there. I have heard many horror stories from ladies whose hair will not curl at all from using excessive heat on the hair. I, myself do use heat on my hair. I flat iron my hair, but because I am afraid of damage, I only straighten once every 3 months which is when I trim my ends and do my length checks. You do not have to give up heat entirely but you may want to space it out a little bit just because you don't want to mess up or change your natural curls before you get a chance to really see them in their completely natural state. When you do straighten, just be sure to ALWAYS use some sort of heat protectant, not to put the flat iron on too high of a setting (if you use an old fashioned hot comb there is no way to do this of course), and try to only go over each piece of hair that you are straightening at the most, 2 times if possible in order to minimize damage as much as possible.
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