Thank you! Just wanted to update...I've been auditioning a few mousses (?). I've been pleasantly surprised at the results so far. First of all I never would have thought that I could get away with just some leave in and one styler!!! I have been having awesome results with either just a LI and curl keeper and now a LI and just mousse!!! So far I've tried the 3-in-1 mousse (purple can), GVP PM sculpting foam and joiwhip. I like them to see which one holds up the best. There is one more I want to try, beyond the zone from Sally's. I'm loving the simplicity of just one styling product. I may not get away with it during the winter, but for now it's working!! I definitely need to go through my product stash and clear out the cupboards!! I'm narrowing down my search for staple products! Although there are a few conditioners I'd like to try out from Oyin and one from ingredients to die for .