so this is week 4 of my mod CG and I think i'm starting to figure out my hair properties. I already looked for my hair twin in the hair biography and the only one to come close hasn't logged on in over 6 months.

Curl Pattern: 2c with a strait underneath & a section on top that is like a 2a.

Texture: fine/medium

Porosity: having a bit of difficulty with this one. The strait layer under my hair is def low. but on top from sun and straitening i can see visible chunks missing out of some of my strands. does that mean its high?

Density: my pony tail is right at 4 w/o my bangs. So i'm assuming thick.

Elasticity: normal, but the strait underneath will break with the slightest tug, so low.

Characteristics: right on top has some difficulty with root curl, but the rest of my hair does it just fine. more 2b in the front with that one section that's almost strait. lol. my hair will straiten (significant difficulties on my crown its like fingerwaves close to my head) but after about half an hour my waves start coming back.

CG/ModCG/not CG: Mod Low poo currently has a water soluble cone

Hair ingredient likes:
Hair ingredient dislikes: Not really sure about these yet. PT made my hair nice and soft though

Hard/Soft Water: normal, with a high iron content

HG/Go-to Products: currently using:
lowpoo: organix tea tree mint
Co: vo5 kiwi
RO: tress. naturals
LI: tress naturals or catwalk oatmeal honey.
Styling products: trying to figure it out.

Average climate/dew points: high except for winter, where it gets a lot lower. (dew point today 68 )

Thinking about a new low poo though. get rid of that cone and plus whenever I low poo i rinse my hair and my hands will make and audible squeak when i slide over my hair to ring out water.

My hair is way frizzier sine going CG. my wave pattern is certainly getting stronger, but the top layer of my hair looks sad.

Can someone please help.

started CG on 6/25/12.
  • 2c with a strait underneath
  • normal elasticity on top, none on the underneath
  • Fine side of Normal
  • Thick hair
  • Poriosity is a mystery. I think its all over the place.