I don't like the word. I've witnessed people get called this and it was ALWAYS derogatory. I grew up in a place where most of the AAs were very light with straight or wavy hair. They would tease and mock anyone who had kinky hair with the word nappy or variations thereof no matter how it looked, to no end. (Only the girls though since it was cool if you were a guy and could do a high top fade or other kinky hairstyles.) Anyway girls would overprocess their hair and use too much heat, just to be ridiculed for having chewed up, bone straight hair. And oh how many times I would hear girls say I only date white guys cause I can't have no nappy headed babies with hair like mine. It was just so sad to witness people with such deep issues about something that shouldn't be that deep but we all know is...hair. So anyway I just can't get with that word but I've learned from this site that there are a lot of people that use it positively and that I can certainly respect.

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