Thanks again, all.

goldy - I guess it went well. Since he was struggling to eat at all, even with the bottle, I'm taking it really slow - just trying BF once or twice a day when he seems up to it. He has been trying for 10ish minutes and then getting sleepy/frustrated and I switch him to the bottle of pumped milk. He's getting better at it each time though - there's less of a "what the heck is this" kind of reaction these last couple of days. Pumping is a pain, but I'm pretty determined to work with him and stick with it until we can transition. He's definitely more hungry and easier to feed since we've been home though, which is a huge relief. And he had gained weight steadily before discharge, even up past his birth weight by an ounce as of early Saturday morning. Based on how he's been eating, I'm sure he'll be up several more ounces at his ped. appointment on Tuesday.