I always classified myself as 4A. I am confused about the hair typing system anyway... For the past two week that I have been co-washing my hair and just running water through it; it seems to have changed a bit. it seems curlier than it usually is. My hair normally has singled out curls, like the way the sides of my hair look, but the top seems to have clumped. I have never seen my hair do this by just co-washing. What do you think my hair type is? Here are two pictures of my co-washed hair. Sorry the Pictures are so big. . .

Hair Type-100_0616.jpg

Hair Type-100_0615.jpg
Conditioner: Axe: Just Soft Conditioner

Shampoo: Taliah Waajid - Total Body Shampoo

Styling Product - Axe: Style and Shine
& Ampro Styl Gel

Hair Type: 4a