i have not hennaed my hair in so long. i was shedding globs of hair and could not figure out why. i started using trigger hair oil which my shedding less but i was still shedding.
i started reading this thread and people were saying how henna stopped their shedding so i decided to truck it all the way across yonder to get me some henna and they didnt have my napur 9 herbs so i got jamila and ayur rajasthani.
i mixed with jamila with hibiscus and water and let it sit for 1 1/2 hours before i applied it and let it stay for 4 hours.
it was super easy to rinse and my hair was instantly soft and dark dark dark.
today i co washed with carols daughter chocolat conditioner(for light protein) and i have major elongation. but my curls look the same. its eird but i know elongation from henna is temporary.

i just ordered 3 bags of napur 9 herbs and amla from ayurnaturalbeauty.
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I've heard this all the time about henna that it can decrease curls and also that it thickens hair. I assumed these things are long-term but they are not in my experience. Has anyone got long-term straightening-out and thickening from henna? I don't want to lose my curl but extra thickening would be nice since I've lost some thickness over time.