I really think that these people are reflecting their own ideals completely not connected to other aspects of what you look like. For example with my breasts (I get a lot of comments from other women about them), I have been told I would be "smokin'" if I just got implants. I tell them like what you say with your hair...No, thank you, I like what I've got. It doesn't mean that I am disproportionate, or that your face doesn't match your hair--this one feature that they prefer is taken out of context. Chances are, that person wouldn't like it on anyone.

People like different features, and there are many men and women who adore curly hair. There is no biological reason why straight hair would be found to be more attractive than healthy, curly hair. And even if there was, who are other people to try to make you a flower in their personal garden??
Dense but fine and delicate 3a hair. Feels like a dandelion without product. Difficulties in getting less puff and more definition when short.

On a mission to grow out after my big chop!