I relate soooo much to this thread. When I first joined this site, I kept hearing about ‘curl potential.’ My hair did not have a dramatic transformation like others after going cg. It was just less frizzy and defined more. Somehow I thought that my hair could be better and curlier with certain products and technique, and I kept looking. But a few years later, many tried techniques and many, many products later I realize I am a wavy not a curly. And most of all I am learning that is ok.

I found out the biggest change to my hair came from not brushing my hair dry. Lol That made a world of a difference.

I also have waves and straight/straightish pieces. I have figured out some areas will be straight no matter how long my hair gets or regardless of technique or products. And my hair does not hold style well throughout the day unless I put a ridiculous amount of gel and not scrunch it out which does not bode well for me.

I think my hair is always going to be inconsistent except those rare moments. I ‘m a work in progress trying to accept these things about my hair.
Hair pattern:Wavy
Texture: mainly coarse hair with some medium strands
Porosity: Normal and High porosity
Re-CGed (modified) April 2011
Cowash: Suave Ocean Breeze
Rinse Out: GF's Triple conditioner
Other products: HEBE and grapeseed oil
Occasional Shampoo: Giovanni tea tree triple treat shampoo