I'm 18 years old and recently my hair has been shedding a lot (or maybe I just realized how much it sheds).
I notice that whenever I brush my hair or even wash it, around 7 or 8 strands of hair fall out(when it's wet, it scares me the most because it's clumped together and it looks like I'm losing a ton of hair). My hair does get tangled a little bit but it's easy to detangle and I'm gentle.
It's weird though because I used to use heat on my hair and I recently stopped. But I don't ever remember my hair shedding like it does now than when I used heat. So maybe it's like the aftermath from using heat?
It could be stress but I feel like it's something else.

Is there anything I can do to help my hair from shedding?

I've heard of people taking horsetail or msm but I've also heard some bad things about them too. Like with MSM, I've read that it worsens depression and with one person, their sleep cycle was disrupted and they couldn't sleep at all. With the horsetail, I read something involving nicotine and possibly becoming addicted?

Sorry for the long post
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What you describe is perfectly normal. We shed an average of 100 hairs per day. Of course that number could be a more or less for each person. You notice it when you brush/comb or wash your hair. The strands are already lose and when you manipulate your hair they come out. As long as you don't suddenly see bald patches or have an excessive amount (much more than that 100 avg) of shedding, you have nothing to worry about. The stress about your hair could cause additional shedding, so relax. Everything is just fine. hth