Forget it. I've bleached my hair to platinum blonde so that I could stain it blue. I used to change my hair color every few months until I went blue and kept that cus its my name lol. I started at 14 with orange then I went red like actually red then I went blonde not honey blonde or sandy blonde. I went blond then I went dark blue then I lightened it but it came out greenish blue then I finally got to the blue I wanted which was close to the curl talk color. I felt like I looked ridiculous so I went black and tried to have blonde highlights but the bleach ate my hair and the color came out horribly so I put brown over it and got this horrible dish water color I hated it and got bored with that and did burgundy then bright blue again and then I toned it down with my bottom layer being black and the top blue and then purple streaks. Finally I decided to start my healthy hair journey and dyed my hair black but the color started calling my name so I tried to bleach my hair blonde but ended up a coppery brownish orange color. Then I finally went black again and get serious. Now if anything I only dye black.