I've now washed my hair post-treatment with the QOD Max Oragiq and there is a chemical smell that is very familiar. This is the same smell - only weaker - that Global Keratin had the first week post treatment.

Isn't this smell formaldehyde???

When I worked out today, the smell started emanating from my head...just like Global Keratin.

Cupcake, I am seriously considering having this product tested at a formaldehyde lab.
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Hi Zalim,

Sorry it took so long for me to respond!

I have never smelled any fumes with this product but I don't do many passes either. I am shocked that you say it smells like Global Keratin. That's the first treatment I used (2% formeldahyde) and it was so potent.

I wonder if Organiq has formeldahyde...I wonder if the culprit could be polyquaturnium 7? I would like to compare the new "Blue Label" Kerapremium ingredients with the aldehydes to the Organiq to see if there are any similarities.

Anyhoo, you had fab results!