I have been CG for 25 days now.My hair is loving it, so is my DH. I decided to track my hair fall post CG and I started collecting the lost hair, just to see if it decreases over time. in 3 weeks i've had 6 hair washes and this is the pic of the hair fall.Please excuse me if this pic is grossing out. I've put a pen in the pic to give you a relative sense. It is too erratic for me to draw any conclusion, can someone please tell me if this is okay?

Well even before CG ive never been harsh to my hair- its still virgin- no colour, no heat, not even a hair dryer! Maybe it has something to do with my diet? Im a vegetarian. But again, i've always been a vegetarian throughout my life of 26 years, till i was 16 my hair was so dense I had to split it up into two ponytails as it wouldn't fit into one scrunchie. Now I need to twist the scrunchie 3 times to hold my hair. In ten years i've lost more than 50% of my hair I guess. For the last one year atleast there has been no stress in my work life! So I don't know why this is happening! Please help me lovely ladies!
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Why so many TBS in my list? Coz I live in a country where only TBS has english labels, wish I had access to more products!