Hi there!
I started CG three or four weeks ago. First I thought it would take some time until my hair gets used to no-pooing but now after almost a month I've still got some problems with the CG method...

1. Before CG my hair was very voluminous. Now the hair at the crown looks very flat and un-voluminous... What could I do to regain some volume at the upper part of my head??

2. Since I started co-washing my hair looks a bit greasy at the top of my head. What could I do to make it look normal? I would like to try a leave in but i am afraid my hair looked even more greasy if i did not rinse it off. Should I give it a try?

3. The lower part of my hair is very curly, the upper part is straight. Is that normal or are my cur
ls kinda pulling down the upper part of my hair so it is straight at the top? If yes, what could I do against it?

My hair care routine:
(I'm sure nobody knows my hair products because I live in Austria... xD Of course they all are silicone free)

1. Balea Feuchtigkeitsspülung Aprikose & Milch (moisturizing conditioner)
2. Alverde Glanzspülung (shine conditioner, i found out that it reduces frizz )
- rinse off everything
3. Alverde Stylinggel weißer Tee & Lemongrass (gel)

Things that don't work with my hair:
- plopping
- curly clipping
- vinegar (when I rinsed it off I could see no difference, when I didn't my hair was horribly greasy)

So many questions... Has anybody some tips for me and my hair? And please don't recommend me any special products that are only available in USA, I can only buy products in Austria ^^'

Thanks for reading this!
Austrian Curly Girl

Texture: 2C/3A

Products: Balea Feuchtigkeits-Spülung, Alverde Glanz-Spülung, Alverde Stylinggel weißer Tee & Lemongrass

Sorry for my spelling mistakes... English is not my first language