I see some things about oils, which I totally get as my hair takes forever/never absorbs oil.
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This is my biggest problem. Whenever I try to put an oil on my hair it never absorbs, or just barely. I've left things on overnight and it just sits there. After an hour or so I usually wash it a little just to get enough off that I've don't get oil all over the place, so it's not liquidy anymore. The only thing that gets it out is shampoo, and usually not one of my natural ones (I'm really natural/organic/hippie). I've got to use one that has something harsher, at least some form of a sulfate, which then makes my hair dry and defeats the whole purpose! I just got a shampoo bar that has a lot of oils in it and it left my hair pretty soft but it's still somewhat dry and when it's dry, it's frizzy. It doesn't give me 3a/b curls either, and the more moisture I have the curlier my hair gets. Does anyone know what I might be able to do? I really have to work the oil in so I end up using quite a bit, but maybe I should just use a little and put it on more superficially? I've only used coconut oil, but I might put sweet almond on tomorrow and leave it on all day to see how it soaks in.