Today Only! Jamila BAQ 2012 only $3.95!!
Purchase our Jamila Henna Powder 2012 BAQ at only $3.95 per 100 grams. BUY NOW
Some Facts:
  • Smooth, creamy paste
  • Higher dye content then 2011. Now 2012 is: 2.69%
  • Rinses out easily
  • Gorgeous soft red on hair
  • Shiny, healthy, stronger hair
  • Rich red tones on skin
  • Covers grey hair
  • Faster dye release. Ready to use in 3-4 hours for hair, and 6-8 hours for body art
You’ll be at Your Best and Healthiest All Summer Long!!

I've never tried Jamila henna, but with this price I ordered two.
doing my own thing... the mention of salon's make me
Jamila brand HENNA IS MY NEW LOVE!
CO, Elucene brand moisturizing shampoo/ moisturizing conditioners, AVJ/ACV rinses are in my arsenal of staple products. My hair DOES like silicones... Organix Argan Oil is a keeper.