I use giovanni smooth as silk conditioner. Works great! i have 4b natural hair about shoulder length and i've been using this stuff for over 1yr now, it really does work wonders. And the great part about it is..i can use ANY Shampoo (before i use the conditioner) and still be smooth and soft and easier to manage

But i will add that i also use the coconut/lime relaxer(just basically a strong conditioner) before i wash my hair

basically i mix coconut cream and a cap full of lime together(sometimes i add coconut oil, but u dont have to) and then i put it in the fridge over night..next day it is a creamy texture...you put it on your head before you wash your hair(i leave it on for 1hour with disposable shower cap covering it) but you can leave it on as long as you want, the longer the better...then i go and wash my hair(any shampoo will do but i use Head and Shoulders) and after that i put in the Giovanni Conditioner for about 30min and braid my hair into about 6 parts on my head..then i wash that out(with the braids still intact..)
For more conditioned hair i add coconut oil or "Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave in"

After my hair dries i can unbraid and style it however i please, i also think this method helps when i heat style my hair as well.