Taken yesterday and Wednesday......

This hair started out last week as a botched wet-set (aka roller set, when soaking wet hair has product put on it, then set on hard magnetic rollers and allowed to air-dry or dried under a bonnet dryer. <--for those not familiar with this process)

Anyhoo, with my hair, it is CRUCIAL that the hair is BONE DRY when removed from the rollers. The least hint of dampness--and it can be hard to tell when the hair's still hot--and the roller set will be a fail.

Anyhow, I got from under the dryer too soon and I got frizz about 3 days in, so I parted my hair up and ran the flatiron through the sections. At the time of these photos, the flatironing was a few days old. With Virginia summer heat and humidity. I'm amazed @ how well it has behaved.....I normally NEVER straighten in the summer.

I've noticed that ever since I got a Deva cut last spring, my straightened hair behaves a lot better. I agree with Rouquinne's tip of starting with soaking-wet hair.

Whether doing a blow-out or a roller set, it's imperative that the hair be soaking wet. I also have to be careful with some heat protectants and straightening aids.....they leave a coated, tacky feeling.

P.S. Does anyone have suggestions re: puffy hairline? I refuse to heat-style my hairline every day, gel makes it curl up. T

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