I started my transitioning at the beginning of Feb 2012.
I started off with braid outs and wet bun styles, using Vitale Olive Oil, African Pride leave in conditioners, Co-washing with Tresmme Thermal Recovery: Replenishing Conditioner with aloe Vera extract & Almond Extract.(I saw replenishing and ran with it.) It was fine and dandy but the tangling and everything kind of shook me, (i'm sooo afraid of breakage if it not suppose to happen) also my hair dresser would say detangle my roots(i'm scared to comb out my roots because i do not wanna pull them out).For protective styles I'm going to do box braids, weaves and braid outs and the wet buns.
My first visit with my hair dresser she did my box braids (used african pride braid sheen sprays and vitale oil to keep it moisturized and washed it once with creme of nature shampoo to clarify)
So after braid outs and wet bun styles and after the box braids I went to my hairdresser to recieve a shampoo and deep conditioner and she blow dry and she crimped it for me.(decided i'll come by every two weeks )
After that visit I went back to co washing and braid outs and wet bun styles and I have not been back since then.
Then i dropped some beauty supply products all together (the african pride) then went to target an purchased like three Shea Moisture products.The curl and shine shampoo, restorative conditioner, and the reconstructive elixir. still using the Tresemme to co-wash. Lately i have been brusing my hair back into ponytails. But after a wash or a co-wash I would rock a braid out for a couple of days then back to ponytail until the next wash. I notice I'm not that good at detangling because my roots still feel like they are tangled or something but. My hair is growing it just ugh ionno. I feel like maybe I'm doing something wrong. this post is to see if i'm doing anything right.
I think I might have to just co-wash more often or something, because i'm finding myself having to detangle my roots and hair more.
am I on the right track?
Is this a good regime?
Also I'm scared to use something to clarify my scalp(i thought the shampoos suppose to do that) I just feel it will dry my hair out.
I do apologize about the lengthy post. I NEED SOME REASSURANCE
Originally Posted by EshiaBoo
All you need is some Giovanni smooth as silk conditioner. And the tangle teeser. With one touch of water my hair tangles. I loathed the thought of washing it even when I had a perm. The Giovanni allowed me to for the first time in my life to detangle with my hands. I'm talking about from the roots! The tangle teeser is also wonderful. It allows you to detangle from the root with minimal if any breakage. I originally bought this for my natural daughter. Because her hair is super curly and down her back. It worked so well for her that I tried it. Even with bad conditioner it works.

I got teeser from amazon.com. And conditioner from massagewarehouse.com. They actually have free shipping this week on any purchase.