This may be my last thread since I'm getting little to no feedback from members.

Still, I am willing to share my post-treatment pics since I appreciate it when others do the same.

I used the QOD Max Organiq a couple of days ago. I touched up only the roots (about 5 fingers down from my scalp). I did 15+ passes of the flat iron because my hair is so naturally resistant.

The last 2 pics are my BEFORE pics. You can see my roots had a lot more volume and curl. There was more frizz.

I really like the way this product worked. It left me with shiny, smooth waves that are soft and manageable. It has evened out the multiple textures that I had in my hair due to a botched keratin treatment. I would definitely use it again. Not sure how many shampoos it will last.

My only concern is I am having doubts that there's no formaldehyde in it because of the familiar smell and the fact that it works so well.

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Nice! I'm also a great fan of QOD organiq. i like the seamless root touch up it provodes. i've never done more than 5 passes maybe i should mine fades quickly