I currently only suffer from "that time of the month" acne. i'm in my 20's and used to suffer with terrible skin.

I've found that salicylic acid and my skin are not friends. its in almost all face washes and black head removers. I'm also allergic to something in Bare Minerals Original formula.

I drink a lot of water now to help my liver flush out toxins. (I have a hereditary liver disease that over produces bilirubin) Water really seems to help. Tea is also a good substitute for coffee and other things (Red tea )

Cetaphil has been my savior. I can only use this or Ivory soap on my skin. I also used cetaphil's regular lotion on my face. anything else and i break out. also get a washcloth that has a scrub pad on one side for daily exfoliation.

black heads are still an issue on my nose and such. I use biore black head strips from time to time. they itch when you take them off, but i like the results.

started CG on 6/25/12.
  • 2c with a strait underneath
  • normal elasticity on top, none on the underneath
  • Fine side of Normal
  • Thick hair
  • Poriosity is a mystery. I think its all over the place.