Thank you for the responses. Yeah, my first instinct is to say "No" to being induced. My mom was at the appointment with me (since my husband couldn't go) and when we started questioning why and what would happen, she backed down from the 38 weeks to 39. I consider the dead baby comment as a form of bullying almost. If you've read my other posts on here, you know I haven't exactly been happy with this doctor for a while. I have issues switching doctors, but that's a whole different story. It seems to me like she has had this in her head for a while and never really considered anything else. She said that even if I had been on the blood pressure medications that she tried to push on me earlier that she would still have wanted to induce labor.

I am not getting bullied into this one. I want to at least wait until 39 weeks. Everything I have read says it is better for baby to stay in longer unless there is a real threat of danger to baby or mom. So far everything has been going very smoothly. I do know things can change quickly, and at that point, I would be willing to do whatever I need to do to have a healthy baby.

Kitschy-Funny you should mention the vacation thing. Two of my friends said that actually happened to them. One friend was scheduled to be induced and the other for a C-Section because the doctor was going out of town for a vacation.

RCW-If the induction fails, what does that mean? Would I have to have a C-section at that point? I know the rate for having one is higher if you are induced. This whole thing really upsets me because I wanted to go as natural as possible.