an email from MAC this morning announced that they have raised $250,000,000 from the sales of Viva Glam products since 1994.

thanks to all of you who wear VG! i couldn't live without my number 5.

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I'm a VG 4 girl's the perfect everyday casual lipstick for me. Speaking of MAC...have you tried the new heavenly creatures collection?

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Not rou, but I got the Fire Sign lipstick and Astral Dazzleglass. I like them, but most of the collection is blah to me. I just don't want all that shimmer on my oily skin with huge pores. No ma'am.

OAN, did y'all know the Electric Cool collection has been available in Nordstrom since Wednesday, even though the supposed launch date is August 2? Nordstrom has it as part of the anniversary sale.
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Hummm...might need to go to Nordstrom today and take a peek...although lately I'm not really feeling MACs eyeshadows. They haven't been as pigmented as they usually are.

I was thinking about checking out the blushes from the heavenly creatures collection but if it's heavy on the shimmer then I'll pass! I heard that the formula for the mineralized stuff was supposed to have improved. The Mineralized skin finish natural is my Boo...I wear it daily!

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