RCW-If the induction fails, what does that mean? Would I have to have a C-section at that point? I know the rate for having one is higher if you are induced. This whole thing really upsets me because I wanted to go as natural as possible.
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Yes, a failed induction means you'd have to resort to a surgical delivery.

The best way to increase your chances for a natural delivery is to avoid induction. Really. If you can't avoid induction, your chances of natural are practically nil. It's still possible to squeak out a vaginal delivery with a first-time mother being induced, but it's not all that common...and it won't be natural.

I would suggest you familiarize yourself with Bishop score and make your doctor tell you what your score is whenever she mentions induction. If the score is less than 8, you probably won't have a successful induction.

I am not against medically-necessary inductions, but, IMO, any induction that is being planned out weeks in advance is NOT a medically-necessary induction. She cannot predict what your medical condition will be in 2 weeks, and she can't predict a "dead baby" either. I would hate that doctor.