Please be extremely careful!!! Why not just use mascara?
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Because I cannot figure out how to apply it to the BACK of my eyelashes so when I blink, my eyelashes are blond where there's no mascara. And I'm lazy. I would rather not wear makeup every day. I wear concealer to cover eczema scars on my face when I go to work because they are bright pink/red scars that look like burn scars. I never wear makeup on the weekend no matter where I am going. I think dark permanent lashes would be pretty and make my dark blue eyes pop.

I have the stuff to do it, but haven't felt like it since it arrived from Amazon. Darn summer cold! When I do it, I will post before and after pics and tell you how it went. I can only do one at a time so I may post a shot of one done and one not done