If you are using prescription topical medication from your dermatologist I would not recommend using a skin clearing foundation as it will have additional medication in it which may dry out your skin. If your skin is sensitive like mine, it will actually need moisture just as much as it needs acne treatment. I would instead go for a gentle foundation like Neutrogena healthy skin. You may also consider Clinique products... Even though they aren't drugstore they tend To be more affordable then other higher end lines.
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This makes a lot Of sense, my skin is very sensitive and extremely dry on the sides of my face, even though my t zone is pretty oily.

I have one more question-- when Put my foundation on, it's not a smooth application at all. Even of I use a ton of moisturizer, It(the moisturizer) stings my face like crazy and doesnt seem to do too much. All the videos I've seen the foundation seems to go on so smoothly, but it's almost like it separates on my skin... I have a kind right now that I apply with my fingers, and it's like when I rub it in some patches get covered but some don't. It's even a full coverage foundation, but other foundations ive tried do this as well! It looks almost cakey in a way, but worse, and it's disgusting. Id love a natural finish, so you couldn't tell you were really wearing makeup, and I don't know why my foundation won't look good at all! Is it my application, using my fingers or maybe not enough product? Would using some sort of primer help this? That's why I asked for recommendations earlier but then someone told me I shouldnt need One, just a moisturizer... It doesn't help really! And it's so annoying and discouraging. I'm sick of always worrying about how my skin looks. :P