*Dove soap
* Aveeno lotion. (Yes. The body lotion.)
* A little coconut oil (I seal my face. Wannafightabouddit?! )


*Dove soap and body wash. (Eczema won't let me use anything else.)
*Coconut oil

Hair: White Rain Apple Blossom Shampoo (Lately I've been using my sample of My DNA Tahiti de Monoi shampoo. It's a nice sulfate free shampoo that I can't afford to actually buy. It's only 12.00 for 8oz, but I like cheaper and on the ground This week I'll be trying Simply U sulfate free shampoo, so this may become my new shampoo.)
*Tresemme Flawless Curls or Moisture Rich conditioner.
*Long Aid Activator Gel
*Coconut oil


Either *Body Fantasy Cotton Candy or Bodycology Island Coconut, coconut and lime, or Cupcake Frosting. Depending on mood or season.

Yes. All these products are cheap and wonderful.

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Originally Posted by BlackAngelPlayah
I stopped the lotion on the face. It is just too friggin HOT down here!! So I just use a little coconut oil.

It was bad. I started sweating and the SWEAT was breaking me out! Not with acne, but more like an allergic reaction!!

So no Aveeno on the face til winter.

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