Hi there. I don't have any experience with this product, but I did a little research for you.

This site has a good description of the process.

About Pravana products

It doesn't actually seem to be a true keratin straightener. It seems more like a mild relaxer. The active ingredient is cysteamine. Reading the description of the process, it sounds like it works on the same principle as the Jheri curl.

They have a demi-permanent option. If you are really nervous about it, you could do sort of a test run, and see if you like the results before going permanent. Also, you should consider the cost. Presumably, you're going to have to get touch-ups on your new growth.

This is a stylist's opinion:
TR Forum - Pravana Keratin Fusion
Pravana Keratin Fusion is "not" similar to the Brazilian Keratin Treatment/BKT.
Pravana Keratin Fusion is similar to Japanese Hair Straightening/TR.

Pravana Keratin
Fusion Texture Control hair straightener does not list ingredients on its
container regarding the straightening system. However, I have now found
that Pravana Keratin Fusion contains Cysteamine Hydrochloride as the
straightening agent, which is a sister chemical to ammonium thioglycolate

The negative to Cysteamine is that it smells like cat urine in the hair if
not rinsed out and the smell persists.
Over the years, other hair straightening agents, such as ammonium bisulfate and
cyteamine hydrochloride have been used with only limited success. These
chemicals are not as popular with professional stylists because they do not give
as strong a curl/straightening or last as long as thioglycolic acid compounds.
I found one thread about this product (the demi-perm, I think) on NC. The poster seemed very happy with her results.


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