Umph, I really like Jamila BAQ. I usually get it on amazon but was going to buy from ebay this time b/c I saw BAQ 2012 Jamila at $8.00 (including shipping). That hennasooq deal though sounds like it would end up being around the same price and I've been meaning to try out hennasooq since many people here like it. I was going to get their yemeni henna until I saw a yemeni henna on ebay and can't decide what to do. Thanks for the info on the deal - may go ahead and try their yemeni plus pick up a Jamila.
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I like hennasooq; give them a try. The shipping is phenomenal! and now they include samples I like free stuff. Here of late, they've been having awesome deals. I am a member of their blog and get updates/deals about their products.
doing my own thing... the mention of salon's make me
Jamila brand HENNA IS MY NEW LOVE!
CO, Elucene brand moisturizing shampoo/ moisturizing conditioners, AVJ/ACV rinses are in my arsenal of staple products. My hair DOES like silicones... Organix Argan Oil is a keeper.