Yes I have much hair. I also have a question: I need very much conditioner to get my hair really 'wet like seaweed' with it. Do you think that's only because I have much hair or could that also be because my hair has low porosity or something different?
My haircut was layered (?) half a year ago but my hair grows quite fast so all strands are almost at the same lenght now. And I think you misunderstood me - I didn't mean the upper layer of my hair is not curly, I meant the upper part of it. Like when a strand is curly at the bottom but not at the top. (Hell, I don't know how to explain some things in English correctly. That's driving me crazy Dx)

My hair is frizzy when I use shampoo but it is also when I don't, so I think it makes no difference for me whether I wash with shampoo or not
Also, my hair is not shiny when I rinse with water only, I already tried that.

A question: I wanted to buy a sulfate free shampoo but I can't find one. Is it okay if there are some mild sulfates in it? (it is a natural cosmetics shampoo)

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