Thanks so much for your reply do you think it's possible to grow my hair long again this terminal length thing has got me worried.
I live in Queensland Australia and I've been chasing this awesome American curly hair revolution for a year now and trying to cg method as much as I can given the limited products we have here but I've been obsessed with figuring my hair out my whole life as no one in my family has curly hair actually i got it from my dad whom ive never met dont even know what he looks like or what nationality he is all i know is I'm the only one in my family with olive skin brown eyes and curly hair (literally everyone in my family has porcelin skin blue eyes and dead straight hair)I'm 23 now I even spent 2 years training to be a hairdresser to figure it out and allot of money later i was totally dismayed that everything I was taught was completely wrong for curly hair.what is mn? what do you do now that you didn't do before when you were learning cg? Thanks for your help I really apreciate it

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