I definitely feel more energetic once the right song comes on. I really need to find my iPod and make a kick ass playlist. I love Pandora because it's easy and free, but sometimes I find myself skipping a ton of songs to find a good one and then they throw in a commercial because I skipped too many.

And you're right, I know if I stick with it I can build up to it. Thanks for the tips! At one point I couldn't have run for 30 seconds and at least I can go a minute and a half now, so that's something.
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Do a slow jog, you have to pace yourself.

And its like death, until you get past that push point where your endurance kicks in. Its there, its just over the hump of 'i can't do this anymore.'

If you run 30 seconds, and you want to stop, say 'i can do 30 more seconds.' Then say, 'i can do just one more minute ' then after that minute say 'i can do one more minute.' And keep giving yourself mini goals.

I've always been the type of person who only runs of I'm being chased - so it can be done.

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