I finally started working out today! Between my grandparents health issues and the BF landing in the hospital for a week and a half I've been wiped out!

I started with p90x today. I went slow, and set a goal of doing 20 decent minutes. I actually didn't hate it! My BF already had the DVD's so I figured one of us should use them. I plan to rotate them with the 30DS until I work up to a better fitness level. I'm def. too out of shape to go whole hog on the p90x workouts but I think using both I can work up to it. I plan to follow the lean plan for now.

I took it slow and modified where I had to but got my heart moving so I know I can keep doing it, adding a bit more each day. I'm kinda excited I found the motivation. I have a lot to lose but I'm aiming for a big goal of 30lbs by my birthday (in November).