I was happy with my curly hair routine for years, but it stopped working when I was pregnant, and I have been frustrated for the last five years. I recently started looking into what I needed to do and found:

Avoid shampoos with sulfates.
Avoid conditioners and styling products with silicones.

So, I bought my products, and there is some improvement, though I am hoping for better. One day, I notice that my conditioner contains SLS! I had missed it because I was so focused on looking for silicones, which it does not have. Are sulfates a problem in conditioners? I have been looking and continue to see warnings about them in shampoos, but nothing is said of conditioners.

The same applies to the other way around. I have found that some non-sulfate shampoos contain silicones. Are they okay in shampoos but not in conditioners and styling products?

Help me please, as I need to buy more product soon!