I don't see any reason why you should have an induction, based on what you said.

My second was partially induced. He was 2 weeks + 2 days post-date and I was sure of my dates. I was nagged about an induction from the week BEFORE my due date and from a week after the pressure really ramped up. I got the dead baby speeches too, which are really manipulative. Finally I caved after being told that even if I monitored fetal movements and came in as soon as I felt nothing, it might be too late and that "is your decision to make if that's worth the risk to you."

3 days before I went in, my cervix was long, hard and closed and the OB said that I would likely end up with a section if they induced and she didn't recommend it. The day of, I was 2 cm and soft and I wonder if I was actually in early labour. They used the Prostin gel, and it ramped things up so fast that my baby was born about 4 hours after they applied it and he was born at home because I didn't realize he was coming until it was too late to get to the hospital. A labour that fast and intense is really scary and horrible.

I was told after by the OB that sometimes the gel does that to women, especially those who have had children. I guess I prefer it to having to go back for more gel, for Pitocin etc. and possibly having a section, but although it was a drug-free vaginal birth, it was so fast, and with the last bit done by ambulance attendants, that I tore, and it generally wasn't a pleasant experience.

So for me, the induction didn't preclude a drug-free birth, but I had had a child already, and it wasn't an ideal drug-free birth. In my situation, because he was too late, I don't really think waiting was an option. But I'd be hesitant about a 38-week induction. Are you sure of your dates? If not, you could be on the verge of late prematurity and the associated problems. This seems like it's more about the doctor covering her butt in terms of lowering risk than the best interests of you and your baby.

If you want, you could try natural induction techniques before consenting to a medical one (walking, nipple stimulation, sex, certain foods/drinks etc.) but to me, that's still messing with nature and I'd be cautious. Plus I tried everything under the sun and it never worked for me.

In general, I know so many women and/or doctors who get all antsy about trying to induce, naturally or otherwise, and I don't get it. A 40-week due date is just a guideline to start with, and now we're making it 38 weeks??????
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