I was induced at 36 weeks due to intrauterine growth restriction. Baby girl was measuring small beginning in May. I was seeing the drs and having non stress tests 2x a week.

Last week at my dr appt they told me her growth had fallen to the 8th percentile and that I would be monitored in the hospital and will most likely be induced b/c at 36 weeks she could be safely delivered with lungs developed.

They induced me all of Friday and most of Saturday with pitocin and a vaginal invert called cervidil to soften my cervix. None of that worked and at 11:02 pm on 7/14/12 she was delivered via c-section. She was 4lbs, 6 oz and is healthy, thank God, and has been home with us since Wednesday- no hospital stay for her beyond my discharge.

My experience is that if the baby is doing fine then the induction may be a long process b/c baby might not be ready to come early. Them inducing me did not work! My baby was always fine- she was just small and wasn't growing as she should have. Drs felt she would thrive better outside of my womb where my placenta wasn't giving her what she needed for some unknown reason.

I happened to be in a lot of pain through it all, having to have 2 epidurals before the 3rd one to numb me completely before the c-section.

Everyone is different an even though my experience was not good )only b/c it was uncomfortable to be pumped with fluids, pitocin, having the cervidil inserted twice, them checking to see of I'm dilating at all, which was very painful to me- I am a first time mom and really didn't expect all of that) yours may be different.

I would ask them as many questions as you can until you feel Comfortable with what they are telling you.

Your baby is most likely fully developed and there will be no implications of an early delivery.

I hope this helps.
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