I use a lotttt of oils on my hair. I use them as pre poos, dt's and neat on my hair for moisture and smoothing. While coconut is a fave of mine, there are a number of others I love too. Here are just a few:

1. Argan oil: this is a must have in my repertoire
2. Camellia oil: Another must; I actually tend to grab a mix of argan and camellia more often than not.
3. Pumpkin seed oil: I bought some because my beloved DBPC has it in it and my hair actually loves it too...I have a HUGE bottle!
4. Sweet Almond: Is ok in my book, nothing to write home about (but ymmv)
5. Peach and/or apricot kernel oil: Also ok
6. Jojoba oil: Never been an absolute fave, but if I mix it in with a pre poo it works well that way.
7: Cherry kernel oil: Same as peach/apricot

YMMV with any oil but all of these have benefits for the hair and scalp. My absolute faves are Coconut, argan, camellia japonica (Oleifera and senisis aren't as good imo) and pumpkin seed. HTH!
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