So I thought I would start a thread for products we wish where available or if they are available that we wish were available from certain indie companies or retailers.

I guess this could be considered a gentle nudge to our favorite indie companies or just ideas that we may not have the time and/or expertise to see to fruition. I don't think a thread like this exists, but if it does please point me in the right direction!

Lately I have been thinking about conditioner bars...and now I am wondering if our favorite indie companies would be open to creating conditioner bar options for the conditioners we love (or if they like, introducing a new product). It would solve many problems: not having to decant while traveling thereby avoiding contamination during the decant process (packaging and preservatives work together to maintain the integrity of products - some better than others); increasing the self-life of the product as it is now anhydrous, enabling consumers to choose the proportion of actual conditioner they would like to make (but this could be problematic if in converting the bar to a creamy mixture more is made than wanted - then a preservative or refrigeration is necessary - exact instructions would be needed for different amounts); creating a multi-use product (the ratio of water to conditioner bar would determine the use, be it deep conditioner, rinse-out conditioner, detangler spray, or leave-in - but preservatives would enter here and most are only water soluble), decreasing the company’s carbon footprint through less plastic use and more importantly (to the company at least) less input and shipping costs.

On top of preservatives, there would also be the question of ph when converting the bar to creamy conditioner or other. Most ph adjusters are water solutions and adding the adjuster in powder form could make the bar gritty or worse, ineffective; if the ph adjuster is unevenly distributed throughout the bar then the results would be inconsistent (but maybe adding the ph solution and then curing the bars would work - might also work for extracts). Also, some consumers are just not open to products with any DIY aspects (even though they could use the bar as is).

Darcy's Botanicals, Hairveda (ahem, the Acai Berry Phyto has a self-life of 6 months!), Curl Junkie
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