I'm a guy with 4b/4c hair. I've read that a lot of people don't recognize 4c as being a legitimate category, and that's fine, I'm just trying to say my hair is REALLY coarse with pretty much no natural curl definition. I was wondering though if curl definition increases as your hair grows??? I've seen natural hair journey videos on youtube of people with hair similar to mine in length initially and then 7-8 months to a year later it looks like they've attained a new head of hair or something. So is that something that just comes with time or is it just a matter of them learning to work with their hair better....or maybe both?? My hair is like 3 1/2 inches on top at the moment and a bit shorter on the sides and back. I've got solid wave/curl patterns when my hair's wet and when I first style it, but as the hours go by it just starts to poof up and look like an uneven mess of an afro.